About Concept 91

About Concept 91

The Founders

Concept 91 was founded by Ben, a product designer, and Jesse, a mechanical engineer. Their journey began as consultants, during which time they assembled a vast portfolio comprised of sporting goods, furniture, power tools, laboratory and safety equipment, packaging, and consumer electronics. Through all of this, they acquired extensive experience in the full product development process, from initial concept ideation to final manufacturing.

The Spark

Armed only with their collective experience, Ben and Jesse felt compelled by an unshakable drive to create something they could truly call their own. As avid chefs and nature enthusiasts, they were drawn to the idea of bridging the divide between home cooking and the great outdoors. Grounded in the belief that the best products come from a mutual respect for both design and engineering, the Feastform™ brand was born.

Navigating The Terrain

From designing and building a custom high pressure forming assembly, to identifying exceptional manufacturing partners with intimate knowledge of uncommon materials, our team is well versed in overcoming all types of obstacles. Regardless of whatever new challenges might arise, we will remain committed to creating remarkable products that you, our customer, will be proud to own for years to come.
Concept 91 Co-Founders Ben and Jesse hike towards a campsite.

”The best products require a mutual respect for both design and engineering.”