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Titanium camping spatula + tongs

Feastform titanium camping spatula and tongs on white background. Designed for the chef. Built for the adventure.
Why would we not have equally awesome gear in our pack?


Designed for the chef. Built for the adventure.
Feastform titanium camping spatula serving fish grilled over campfire.
Feastform Titanium Small Spatula, Spatula, Tongs.
Feastform titanium camping spatula and paper crane. Inspired by origami.


The origami-inspired design of our Feastform™ tools transforms thin, lightweight, flexible sheets of material into highly structural elements.
Assembled Feastform titanium camping tongs being held.
Lightweight nested Feastform titanium camping tongs strapped to backpack.


Whether you’re carrying five pounds of gear or fifty, every ounce matters. Feastform™ cooking tools are built from ultralight titanium, so they weigh less than an extra CLIF® Bar.
Flexible Feastform titanium camping spatula flipping pancake over campfire.


The Feastform™ camping spatula and tongs are built from Grade 5 titanium—an exceptional alloy that is called upon when both strength and flexibility are critical. So whether you need to wrangle a big, juicy steak, or carefully slip under your freshly caught trout, you’ll have the right tool for the job.
Corrosion resistant Feastform titanium camping spatula being cleaned.


When you’re out in the woods, it isn’t always easy to keep your gear clean and dry. Fortunately, one of titanium’s most impressive properties is its incredible corrosion resistance. An invisible, naturally forming, passive oxide layer protects Feastform™ tools from exposure to acidic foods and sauces, as well as harsh environmental factors like rain, humidity, and salt water.
Feastform titanium camping spatula features heat resistant Technora 950 handle wrap.


Our spatula is wrapped with comfortable Technora®, a para-aramid fiber with outstanding strength and heat resistance, like Kevlar®, with even better fatigue characteristics for longevity. It is dyed black and coated with Teflon® to protect against UV damage, and is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, allowing it to be washed repeatedly without degrading over time.
Feastform titanium camping tongs can be nested together for efficient packing.


The tongs can be securely fastened together to be stored in a low-profile, nested arrangement, saving space in your pack. When ready for use, the handles can be separated and securely refastened with just the push of a button. With another push of the button, the tongs are ready to be packed away again.
Assembled Feastform titanium camping tongs in use.
Assembled Feastform titanium camping tongs in use.

Elevate your cooking in the great outdoors.